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Hey guys! If you haven't already read the about me section, I'm Julissa, the owner and operator of Wolf Eminence. I'm starting this blog to educate my customers (and all those interested) on the products I offer (and even ones I don't!), and just share holistic and alternative healing information for people who may want to learn more.

The wolf is actually my family crest's animal and I chose it for my business name because they are an animal that is still wild and not domesticated. They live and rely solely on nature alone, and do not have access to pharmaceuticals or chemicals that have become the "norm" in human nature. I also really admire the fact that they are very family oriented beautiful creatures and come on... let's be honest, they're pretty cool!

Eminence is defined as: recognized superiority, especially within a particular sphere or profession. So with my education in the cosmetology field and understanding cosmetics, along with my long-term passion for all-things-natural, naturally I felt like it really fit and was different from most "handcrafted" business names and really could be anything I want it to be!

So what do I mean by holistic and alternative healing? Well, technically speaking, "holistic" refers to the complete treatment of a person. Specifically, holistic medicine tries to treat the "whole person" rather than focusing too narrowly on single symptoms. It emphasizes the connections between the mind and the body, avoids the overuse of drugs, and has borrowed such practices from Eastern traditions as acupuncture and yoga.

In alternative healing, I'm honing in on the practices of usage of things from nature like essential oils, incense, safe & healthy detoxing, plant-based food options, etc. and how this all fits in to my life with a family... because let's face it, just because mom wants to be healthy doesn't mean dad & kids are onboard!

That's right, if you remember from the about me section, I'm a mom of 3. Some people look at me out in the world and are glad they don't have any kids when they see me in action with all the madness. Others kindly compliment me with "you're so brave" (thank you by the way.. as much as I'm insulted, I'm also grateful you recognize the challenge). Yes I know, there are plenty of families who have more members in it than mine, more power to you! I have a taste of what you got, and you're so brave :).

I have a 7 year old son, whom if you remember in the about me, had a really bad case of contact dermatitis that landed him in the hospital at 3 months old. He's doing so much better these days in managing his eczema and allergies. We've gotten him off the steroids and he's using everything I make, and loving it. Along with eczema, my son was also diagnosed with ADHD & anxiety, both coming from my family line (and yes I feel so guilty it all comes from me!). While we do use medication for his condition (I know what you're thinking.. she said "alternative healing" but hear me out), we also supplement with essential oils, which he carries in his backpack, among other things. Not all medicine is bad. My mom's a nurse, my step-mom's a nurse, my mother-in-law's a nurse, (but I could NEVER be a nurse... all that blood & needles yeghhh) so I've been around it for a while and have great resources to refer to! There are LOTS of arguments out there, but I truly do believe that medication can be good. It's the overuse of drugs that's bad.

I have a 4 year old son, who also has mild eczema and mild allergies (we learned the first time how to get on top of it!). Other than that, totally far (finger's crossed, right?).

I have a 2 year old daughter (yes, finally I got my daughter I know!) who also has eczema. No allergies or anything else to worry about so far.

Ok, now about me. This the first time I'm talking about it, but in this day in age it's much more widely accepted and embraced....... I have OCD & anxiety. I have it, it doesn't have me. I wasn't diagnosed until I was 27 years old (my poor husband), but now that I understand a part of my challenges all these years. I'm engaged in therapy and I, too, take medications. I also carry with me my life-saving oils. I have an essential oil roller with a brain combo for my scattered brain, a diffuser necklace which has an anxiety blend to keep me calm, and an inhaler which I use for different oils to get me through the day. Not to mention countless diffusers throughout my house and car. So while, yes, I'm on medication, I heavily rely on my oils on a day-to-day basis. And, oh yeah, I'm also on a plant-based diet, err... at least I'm trying to be (like I said, I'm a mom!).

My husband, Julius (I know, I know, our names are so similar.... NO we didn't plan it, but thanks), is also a combat vet. He served in OIF/OEF, and is doing his own VA treatment, along with... you guessed it, oils! His story is his own, but I'm proud to be his wife and stand along-side his journey.

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