What danger?

So technically, this is old news. But... most of us are still using those harmful products everyday. Why?! Is it because we hear it's bad but we don't know how? So then maybe we really don't care or think it won't affect us. Is it because we can't resist their ease of convenience and that pretty label and amazing smell! I hear you, I do, I have those same temptations. It's the scent of coconut that really captivates me. Then it's a lot of times so affordable. Ughhh it's so hard to resist.

But then I remember why we went natural. These chemicals do serious harm. It may look & smell pretty, but it is NOT worth it in the end. In 2013, a lawsuit was launched against nearly 100 companies who used a synthetic form of coconut oil, known as Cocamide DEA, without the proper warning labels. It may look and act like the real thing, but it is not the same as pure coconut oil.

According to Ron Robinson, a cosmetic chemist and hair-care specialist at Aviva, cocamide diethanolamine (or cocamide DEA) is a relatively common foaming or thickening agent used in cleansing products. "Cocamide DEA is used as an emulsifying agent to make products 'creamy' and is made by reacting the mixture of fatty acids from coconut oils with diethanolamine," Robinson explains. "DEA is an allergen that, in small doses,can create mild forms of dermatitis in individuals who are susceptible to skin allergies — but high doses of this chemical have been linked to potentially being carcinogenic to humans."*

Well it was probably those washes I don't even use. My product is made by [Insert Name Here]. Maybe, maybe not. While yes, most of the products on that list did contain mostly store brands and dollar store brands, but there were some that even surprised me. As a graduate of Paul Mitchell the School, we were taught that our products were superior above all others because they were "salon-grade". We learned about chemicals in common drug store products and their harmful affects. I hate to say this, but they were on that list!

So when my kids beg for that really cool superhero or princess wash, I have to remind them that even though it looks and smells like something they want, they definitely DO NOT.

*Reference from Refinery29

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