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What can be customized?

Glad you asked! Have you ever gone shopping in a store searching for a specific product to do a specific thing, only to hate the way it smells? Or find a product that smells amazing, but doesn't work for your needs? We're here to fix that! Wolf Eminence was founded with the consumer in mind. Each persons needs are unique and what scents one might fall in love with, may not be another's cup of tea. You can customize by ailments, aromas, etc. You'll get an email with your curated formulation, in case you want to reorder, (which we know you will ;) and we don't blame you!). Don't see something you're looking for? Make a special request! We'll do our best to fulfill each individual inquiry.

What is customizing an ailment?

You can select which ailment you are trying to resolve, for example: anxiety. We'll custom blend essential oils that are known to reduce anxiety.

What happens when I customize an aroma?

You can select which aromas you want to be the high note in your selection. For example: floral. We'll make sure to make floral the star of the show!

Can I customize both an ailment and an aroma?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. For example: if you selected anxiety, your highlight might be orange. You'll still have other essential oils related to your ailment, but we'll make sure to make the floral aroma stand out.

What if I don't want any ailment or aroma?

That's okay too! We offer product formulations in their natural state, without the added essential oils.

Can I select an ailment without the highlighted aroma?

Yes, you can. For example: in anxiety, the natural aromas from the ailments aimed to treat, will be left "untweeked".

Can I select an aroma without targeting an ailment?

Indeed, you can. If you're not looking to treat anything specific, and are just looking for comforting scents, you can do that too!

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