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I'm the owner and creator of Wolf Eminence. I'm a California mom of  3, currently living in Colorado with my husband of 9 yrs. I'm a cosmetologist turned essential oil lover who decided to share the  healing goodness of natural care with the world.

It started with a curiosity of essential oils. Diffuse a little here, massage a little there. They seemed “exotic” and exciting at the time. Then... I became a parent. My oldest was first hospitalized at 3 months old with a severe case of contact dermatitis. I had never even heard of it at the time! As a new parent, it was very scary to see my new baby with oozing skin, hooked up to an IV and quarantined in a hospital room. Then to learn that the “safe” baby products I was using, weren’t actually safe. What a shock! I tried switching to all the “natural” baby care products I could find. He still had rough and irritated skin. I decided to research these products a little bit more.

I was recommended by a baby board to a website called I was surprised to see the common chemicals that are in most products and what their effects were. It still didn’t really resonate with me until I came across that actually listed the hazard level of chemicals in my own house! I started to realize that not only was I harming my child, but even ourselves! That’s when I decided to start eliminating traditional household products.

I started with switching to vinegar as a household cleaner. Simple enough right? But that still doesn't fix everything. I had a few essential oils lying around and realized, why aren’t I incorporating this? That’s when a whole new world opened up for me. The more I researched the benefits, the more I started using them in different ways. The more they were used, the more my family loved them, and they work! My lotions are a family favorite. Every time a lotion runs out, they get excited to try a new formulation of oils that create the comfort and healing they need!

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